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It all started with a seed in 2010, Keith grew his first chili pepperplant called a Black Cobra. It was fun learning how to grow a beautiful plant and cultivate it. The fruit output was more than he could handle so he started giving them away. As he gave away the black pods itreceived positive feedback on the taste and heat and Keith thought to himself “I needed to grow more the next year.”

Keith had officially became a chili head and he began to researchchilies and decided to grow some of the hottest exotic chilies thathe could find. Chilies were starting to become a passion.

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One of the Hottest Pepper Extracts in the World

Our hot pepper sauce isn’t dubbed “scorpion” for no reason. It offers an extra satisfying, spicy punch to elevate the flavors of your traditional homemade dishes.

A Unique Hot Sauce Flavor

Uncle Keith’s hottest hot sauce has a complex, smoky flavor that gives it depth. It also leaves just the right amount of sweetness with rich, fruity notes.

An Excellent Alternative to Salt

No need for salt shakers to add a zing to your meal! A few drops of our Chocolate Thunder Hot sauce will transform any bland dish into a mouthwatering treat that you and your family will surely love.