Habanero Ranch Dressing


  • The Spicy Alternative to Normal Ranch – Not like any typical vegan dressing on the market, this savory ranch dressing contains Habanero chili peppers that come right out and bite your taste buds!
  • Your Above-Average Spicy Ranch – Super creamy with a garlicky twist, this alternative to a vegan ranch dressing, chipotle ranch dressing or avocado ranch dressing boasts of well-loved flavors. Adding Habanero and Serrano peppers gives it a spicy, flavorful kick.
  • Complements Veggie Platters and Salads – Liven up your green or cole slaw mix with this spicy ranch dressing. Why waste time making your own dressing with spicy ranch seasoning? Just open a bottle of our ranch dressing, add it to your choice salad greens, toss and dig in!
  • More Than Just a Salad Dressing – It does much more than complement salads. A tasty replacement for chipotle ranch, vegan caesar dressing and other vegan salad dressings, it also works well as a sandwich addition, dip, sauce for wings and more.
  • A Taste of Southern California – Uncle Keith’s gives you all-time favorite condiments and sauces. If you like your food done the traditional way, then use this spicy alternative to a keto ranch dressing to liven up your favorite salads and dishes.

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